CC TV: Some Of The Best VW Commercials Ever

Time for a CC Commercial break. No, don’t skip to the next channel post! You’ll like these, as they’re from the golden age of classic VW print and media advertising.

This could well be the best VW ad of all time! One of my favorites. I also like the Fleetwood Seventy-Fives and what looks like a ’68 Lehmann-Peterson Continental limousine.

Prefer a poor man’s 356 to a Bug? No problem! Just don’t race one…

Remember the “torture test” one? Another classic.

Finally, who could forget the classic “snowplow driver” commercial? Sigh…a shame most commercials today don’t have one tenth of the creativity of these…

Hat tip to beetlejuice150 and nishiot for posting these great commercials on Youtube. Thank you sirs!