CC TV: 1973 Pontiac Grand Am Commercial – Who In America Would Build A Car Like This?

For my Pontiac Grand Am article, which I published last month, I had wanted to include this launch commercial. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate it anywhere on the internet and I thought it had been lost in antiquity. Never fear, it’s here!

This is a commercial created for enthusiasts. There’s no talk of convenience features, no mention of style (although the Grand Am had this in abundance), no quirky shenanigans by the occupants of the car. This is Pontiac bragging about how they made their mid-size GM A-Body handle well, perhaps even well enough to be mentioned in the same breath as the vaunted European sport sedans rising to prominence by the 1970s. As a bonus, there’s some funky music and a head-on shot of an impact to the Grand Am’s polyurethane nose.

This is easily one of my favorite car commercials.