CC TV: London To Bath Via Jaguar Mk II, 1963

I came across this captivating video created in 1963 by George Eyles of the Institute of Advanced Motoring of him driving a lovely Jaguar Mk II through various villages and towns from London to Bath with a running commentary that perfectly describes how we all likely, or at least hopefully, (subconsciously) drive.  A delightful ten minutes although then as now it takes some time longer than that for the actual journey as it is a distance of approximately 115 miles.  Excellent Brit-car spotting to boot of course.

The Institute of Advanced Motoring was established in 1956 and is now named IAM Roadsmart; it is a United Kingdom charity focused on improving road safety through education and training based on the British police’s system of car and motorcycle control training.  As such it has apparently been demonstrated that graduates of the courses are involved in fewer accidents and report deriving greater pleasure from driving.  For myself, I just enjoyed listening to Mr. Eyles’ running commentary and watching him shifting the gear lever in that glorious red interior this Jaguar was blessed with as well as seeing the leaper on the front edge of the bonnet over the wood dashboard.