Curbside Cinema: “Tribute To Fangio” – The Greatest Driver Ever?

Periscope Film, a YouTube channel I subscribe to, recently posted this documentary about Juan Manuel Fangio that was produced by British Petroleum in 1959, soon after Fangio retired from driving.  Asking whether any driver is the best of all time is generally counterproductive, but many drivers who raced with him called him the best, and even today his name is among a handful of the genuine greats in any racing series.  That he was in his 40s at his peak makes his legacy even more phenomenal.  Narrated by the well-known English broadcaster Raymond Baxter, this video shows actual footage of F1 races, the Mille Miglia, Fangio testing in Italy, and even the Carrera Panamericana.  At the end, he drives off in a Mercedes 300SL Roadster, showing that Mr. Fangio appreciated driving even on public roads.  If you enjoy racing history, you’ll enjoy this film.