CC Video: Comparing Six 8×8 Dump Trucks – Sandbox Toys For Grown-Ups

Last weekend, I came across this fairly recent YouTube-video, posted by BIGtruck online magazine. It’s Dutch spoken, with English subtitles (better watch it in full screen).

No in-depth information, yet it gives you a good impression of some European, factory 8×8 chassis and the ones that were built or converted by our specialists in order to increase the GVWR while improving stability (when dumping) and maneuverability. In this context, 8×8 refers to a chassis with four axles, all of which are drive axles. The other configurations with four axles are 8×2, 8×4 and 8×6, respectively with one, two and three drive axles.

Shortly after the video was published, truck maker Ginaf announced they cancelled the further development and production of chassis with mechanically driven, front steering axles.

Since then, the Tatra Phoenix -like Ginafs also with a DAF cab and engine- is on the upswing. Tatra trucks are best known for their sublime off-road capabilities and the Phoenix is sold and serviced through many DAF dealerships.

Tatra Phoenix 8x8

By now, Tatra can also offer an 8×8 chassis with a 46 metric tons (101,413 lbs) GVWR, currently the absolute legal maximum gross weight for a rigid truck with four axles.

And if you want to go all the way on the Dutch on-/off-road market, as in weight-wise, you can even order a mighty Tatra Phoenix 10×10. Note that four out of the five drive axles are steering axles and that it has super singles all around. It’s actually the only 10×10 chassis on our market. Sandbox pleasure guaranteed!