CC Video: Detroit Diesel 6V-71 And 8V-71 – Some Screaming Jimmies’ House Concerts Abroad

FTF, a Dutch truck maker of yore, used Detroit Diesel two-stroke V6 and V8 engines in their heavy trucks and tractors. Until 1979, when a new Motor Panels cab was introduced, the 12V-71 was also available for heavy haulage and military use (battle tank tractors).

I found some onboard footage of loud V6 and V8 house concerts. Starting with a 6V-71 engine (that’s 71 cubic inches displacement per cylinder) in a 1978 FTF F-7.20S 6×2 tractor with a liftable tag axle.

The numbers 7 and 20 refer to the factory rated, maximum axle load in metric tons of the front axle and the rear tandem. The tractor’s transmission is a Fuller RTO 9513. Back then, Fuller transmissions were also used by other European truck manufacturers, like Berliet, MAN and DAF.

Upgrading to an 8V-71 now, here’s a magnificent 1976 FTF F-8.20D 6×4 flatbed truck. The pacer in the video is a 1987 FTF FS-8.13A 4×2 (race) tractor, powered by a 6V-92TA engine (Turbocharged Aftercooled).

The same truck, complete with a matching full trailer. The combination is a faithful copy of a big rig that originally transported 20ft shipping containers, yet was also used to haul sugar beets during the so called “beet campaigns”, in which case tall sideboards were put on the cargo bed of the truck and the trailer.

…and bonus points for the Prévost Le Mirage XL motorhome conversion at the end of the video. Powered by a turbocharged, Detroit Diesel Series 92 V8. Appropriate, as these engines were also frequently used in FTFs during the eighties and first half of the nineties.

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