CC Video: MAN mil gl Trucks At Work In Tanzania – Former Military Vehicles Obeying Civilian Orders

On the African Continent, many truck drivers are taking off-road capabilities to final boss level. This video shows three runs, featuring MAN 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 off-roaders, almost submerging while mud wrestling through some flooded passages. The loaded trucks are coupled to each other, mostly by using solid tow bars.

Back in the seventies, German truck maker MAN was duty-bound to come up with a series of first-rate military vehicles, given their long-standing, strong reputation for building heavy AWD chassis. The production of the MAN mil gl (militarisiert geländegängig) trucks started in 1976.

1980 MAN mil gl 4x4

Four years ago, I caught this 1980 MAN mil gl 4×4, these chassis have coil springs all around. Da MAN is powered by a naturally aspirated, air cooled Deutz V8 diesel engine with a displacement of 12.7 liter, maximum power output 256 DIN-hp. The heavier 6×6 and 8×8 chassis were powered by the same engine, yet turbocharged and intercooled, thus making 320 DIN-hp.

These MANs found their way all over the world. Needless to mention they have also become popular among the very, very adventurous part of the motorhome crowd in more recent years.

Now hats off to the African truckers and their co-workers, the guys who secure the loads included…