CC Video: Riding The Södertälje Bear

It’s entirely made of inorganic materials, yet it sounds like a living creature that is up to no good. It roars, growls, hammers and hisses like nothing else on Europe’s main and back roads. The beast will celebrate its 50th birthday soon.

This is how it looked at its birth. The Scania V8 was introduced in 1969 as a 14 liter engine with a maximum power output of 350 DIN-hp.

Throughout the years, it grew into the current 16.4 liter power house with 730 DIN-hp for the most powerful version.

MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco and Renault also offered heavy trucks and tractors with a V8 turbodiesel in the more recent past, but Scania (based in Södertälje, Sweden) has become the last V8-man standing. Apart from that, the competitors’ 8-cylinders just never sounded as distinctive as the Swedish hammer.

G. Douglas Timber Haulage Ltd. from Northumberland in the UK posted multiple high-quality videos on YouTube, featuring their Scania R620 (15.6 liter V8, 620 DIN-hp) 6×2 tractor.

Here’s another one. If you don’t like the music of the V8, there’s still the North East England landscape and on-road scenery to enjoy. FYI, while the camera is clearly aboard the cab, the microphone is placed outside. The tractor is equipped with Scania’s Opticruise automatic transmission.

And last but not least, this older conventional Södertälje bear sounds like a happy camper, roaming the streets of Chicago. The 3-series (as in the model designation 143 on the hood’s side) was offered from 1987 to 1997, the video was posted on YouTube last year.