CC Walk ‘n Talk: My New ‘Hood


CC has received dozens, nay hundreds* of furious emails clamoring for my return.  Have no fear, I am back and worse than ever, writing from a new location.  We had a nice sunny day last week and I took a stroll around my new digs to get the what’s what, camera in tow.  This steel-wheeled single-axle trailer was the first curbside oddity to come in to view.

*citation needed

Both sides of the axle had the same wheel;  no clue as to the street legality of a rig like this.  A few yards down and I spot this rather eclectic collection:



I spot a Chevy, Ford, Jeep, Ford, Chevy, boat, and, obviously, a 1938.5 Buick Barchetta GT40.   The neighbors across the street have a nice collection going as well:


More boats, more trucks, and quite a Thunder Brougham Bird.  Let’s take a closer look:



While the tags expired in 2012, this car is moved around the block from time to time.  At least the hydraulic headlights still close.  No clue if they still open, obviously.  But wait, it get’s weirder!  Back across the street:



A turbo Iron Duke, perhaps?  I walk by this car often but haven’t seen the hood up.  Like the T-Bird, it has expired tags, but still gets moved around the block now and again.

On to the next collection:



And that’s not all!  Behind the AMC is an old van and, behind the white Ford, what looks to be an old Land Cruiser/Range Rover’esque rig.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good view of them, and the place has a creepy vibe to it (and a few security cameras with warning signs), so I moved on.



This guy seems to have used the same shade of Krylon as Paul did on his Xbox.  Not to mention that, in this case,  drugs and crime pay!  (click the photo if you can’t read the truck canopy windows)


A somewhat-rare Custom Camper, with a color that nicely matches the old houses surrounding it.  And in their other driveway:



An even better throwback to the fifties.  This is at least the third rig I’ve noticed with the original blue Oregon plate.  Speaking of plates, I’m still not sure if our final entrant has a custom plate or not.



Or is it a coincidence?  Anyway, these were all on my first walk around, and there are many, many blocks to go.  Stay tuned!