CC Walk ‘N Talk: Sutherlin, Oregon


I had a pocket-full of hundred dollar bills after selling a high-end drumkit.  What to do, what to do?  Craigslist!  Just days after selling the Ayottes, I spot a five-piece maple Pearl kit with cymbals and hardware and make an offer.  They accept, and I fire up my Tercel and head south to Roseburg. Not really wanting an I5 repeat facing the North, I took an alternative route that soon had me in Sutherlin.  It was a beautiful day out, so I parked downtown and took a stroll through the congested streets.  Didn’t take long to find the first CC.


Sutherlin is a city in Douglas County, Oregon, United States. The population was 7,810 at the 2010 census. Nearby features include Cooper Creek Reservoir, the Umpqua River, a few golf courses, and numerous vineyards. And right in town there’s this fine gen1 Scirocco.


This good ol’ boy is a regional lifer.  Hansen Motors in Roseburg is still in business.  The yellow license plate puts this one from the 70s. Beyond that I am clueless.


Found this old horse out behind a Chinese restaurant.


You did WHAT to your Amigo?


Here’s something up Paul’s alley.  The blue plates put this one into the wayback machine.  Wiki says the gold on blue plates debuted in 1956, but I don’t think this old Ford is quite THAT old.  Nerds?


I saw this one up a hill and had to get some shots.  The logo leads me to believe that this is the vaunted GMC 250 Beaver Hauler.  It’s parked at the high school, and seems to be in use.  Wheel chocks notwithstanding.


Can’t have a walk-n-talk in Oregon without an 80’s Honda.


Or a Subaru, for that matter, although a 4WD four-door Justy isn’t exactly common, even here.


Looks like Julian just got out of jail again.  Bubble’s shed is looking pretty sweet.  No sign of Ricky.


A UMC Aeromate.  To Wiki!

“Did you mean: UMC Automate?  There were no results matching the query.”

Ok then, to Google!

“A van produced by UMC (Utilimaster).”

You’re welcome.


Now here’s a rare bird.  A cherry 1943 Packenburg Continental GT SS 502 GT.  Or so I thought.


Clearly this is a 1956 and not a 1943. Oh wait; those blue plates only started in ’56….


I did not expect to find a Zedyard, but there you have it.


From the inside looking outside.


I had put the camera away and was almost back to my car when I saw this SS in plain sight of the highway.  At this point a client at our studio called and I agreed to meet them there in just over an hour, so I high tailed it to my car and headed home.  Until I got really thirsty, so I exited in Curtin for a beverage and couldn’t possibly pass this scene up:


You did WHAT to your Mustang??