CCOTY 1962 Nomination #1: 1962 Buick Special Fireball V6

[Submitted by Adam LaFave]

Those that notice my comments here on CC probably know that I have a strong infatuation with the Buick V6 engine.  Love it or hate it, you’d have a hard time claiming that the engine has not been a major part of the American (and Australian) automotive landscape.  It’s powered everything from Chevy Monzas to Cadillac Devilles to Jeep CJs to Buick GNXs to Indy race cars to Vixen motor homes. It’s been turbocharged, and supercharged. It’s been a credit option and the premium offering. It’s been a risk and the easy way out.  With over 25 million built over 46 years, ‘venerable’ doesn’t adequately describe it. 

While the Buick 3800 or 231 may be more famous, it all started with the 1962 Fireball V6 that powered the entry-level Buick Special. Created at least partially in response to Pontiac’s new Trophy 4, it was a bored- and- stroked Buick aluminum 215 V8 minus two cylinders and cast in iron. The resulting odd-firing 198 cubic inch V6 made a little less power (135 hp) but gave slightly better fuel economy.

So at least in 1962, I think M/T got it right.