CL Find: 1972 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser – The California Car

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$12,500 is the asking price. If it’s truly a California car with North Carolina license plates for sale in Virginia, is it worth it?

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Amenities listed include AM radio, AC, tilt wheel, power steering, power disc brakes, power rear window and dual exhaust.


Looks pretty clean. I don’t like those wheel wraps, but it looks period correct. All that green! Acres and acres of green vinyl!


I’ve never had a car with leather seats. It’s either been GM or Ford cloth. I did spend a lot of time learning how to drive in my grandmother’s ’79 LeMans. That had various shades of red vinyl, dotted with cigarette burns. My family also owned several VW Bugs (or Putt-Putts, as my mom called them). All had searing black vinyl seats that would shrink your skin and leave huge red welts after sitting in the summer sun. This Vista Cruiser’s cool green looks like it would be less dangerous.


The carpeting looks a little manky, but it may have endured years of children throwing up and spilling juice and dropping Crayons. The vinyl is perfect for wiping up after these little boogers. Today’s fabric makes just spilling a little coffee a nightmare to sop up.


Beautiful gauges, sliders and window controls. I’ve never been at the helm of one of these, but I can hear the shift lever clunking into place right now. You drive one GM, you’ve driven them all.

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Here’s the 350 with some aftermarket goodies attached. Looks mighty clean. The ad says the mileage is 62k, and it looks it.

So is this old wagon worth $12,500? It would be fun to take to car shows. It’s the right color combo and the woodgrain trim looks tight. Everyone would bum rides and handing it off to a parking attendant somewhere swanky would be a sight.

But would I buy it? Hell, no.