Vintage Roadtest: C&D Tests The 1986 Saab 9000 Turbo

Yes, it’s Big Truck Week here at Curbside Classic, but those of us not keen on these beasts of burden haven’t been forgotten.  For readers who want a connection between big rigs and this December 1985 Car and Driver road test, Scania and Saab were merged into the same company at the time of the 9000’s development.

As you’ll see when reading this article, the C&D staff was quite taken by Saab’s then-latest effort.  There’s also a short piece at the end of the road test detailing the car’s development, specifically that of its styling, which I found to be a treat.



One thing I didn’t know before reading this article was that the 900 (the revision of the 99) was also being developed at the same time as its larger sibling.  The would explain the very similar interior and front fascia design.  I also recall reading that the 1994 900 wasn’t supposed to be styled nostalgically, and was meant to be based on a shrunken version of the 9000’s platform.  According to that account, GM insisted Saab use the Vectra A’s platform because the 9000’s architecture was too expensive (surprising given the 9000’s age) and that they style the new car in the vein of the outgoing model (this would have to be confirmed).  As with all things Saab, there are many “what-ifs.”