COAL Capsule #12: 1996 Mazda 626 FS/MTX–Unkillable

Mazda 626 coal3

My most recent (but most likely far from my last) 626: Two-hundred eighty-seven thousand miles. That’s all that you should need to know about Mazda durability. It made horrible belt noise, suffered a blown head gasket, and had no exhaust after the cat and a flashing “Check Engine” light, but it STILL. Would. Not. Freaking. Die. I sold it after its problems became too many. Like my last 1994 626, its chassis still felt remarkably stiff and tight. I hold strongly to the fact that the 626 was, and is, a very underestimated car. So keep your Camcords =] (Although I wouldn’t mind owning certain generations of those either).