COAL Capsule #13: 1997 Mitsubishi Diamante LS–Rough, But No Diamond

Mitsubishi Diamante coal

The less said about this car, the better. I absolutely hated this car, and bought it only because the price was right. I love Mitsubishi vehicles as a whole, but this was not their best attempt. The older Diamante, with its E34 5-Series-inspired styling, was much more attractive, at least in my opinion. To me, this is the car that spelled the downfall of Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi diamante coal2

After years of building quirky, electronics-laden cars, they tried to appeal to a broader audience by building a faux ES300. If you’re going to try to copy Lexus, at least try to copy Lexus reliability. Older Mitsus were oddly styled and often unreliable, but they had character, albeit the kind you either loved or hated (personally, I loved it). I don’t mind an unreliable car that has character (there goes that word again), but when it’s bland and still a piece of shit, that’s when I have a problem.

At only 100K it burned and leaked oil (which should be no surprise to anyone familiar to the 6G7X line of motors), had a dash that lit up like a Christmas tree with warning lights, had electrical issues galore, clunked and rattled like a 30-year-old taxi cab, and it neither rode nor handled particularly well. The only positive things I can honestly say about the car was that the motor and transmission were smooth and the seats were very comfortable. Give me a Galant VR-4 or Tredia Turbo (remember those?) over this any day. Not my smartest automotive purchase, by a long shot.