COAL Capsule # 3: 1978 BMW 530i–A Brief Taste Of Heaven

BMW 530i coal

One day while browsing through Craigslist, I came across something very interesting: a 1978 BMW 530i, priced at only $600. After clicking the link, I learned that the lady was selling the car because her late father (who apparently was a famous artist and BMW collector) had recently passed, and she couldn’t stand looking at the car, which constantly gave her memories of what once was. He had a fleet of 2002s, E12s, and E28s that she was selling off at very low prices, and my particular car was the last one remaining. It was in excellent shape inside and out, and the four-speed manual transmission shifted beautifully. After seeing how young I was, she even took an additional $100 off the price. I felt as if I’d died and gone to heaven.

The car got looks everywhere I went, and it was very reliable. Everything except for the A/C worked. It was a better starter than many cars 25-30 years newer. I never had a single problem with the car, nor did I hear so much as a squeak from it. It gave me a huge amount of respect for BMW products that continues to this day. Sadly, in a fit of youthful stupidity I had gotten the car impounded and lacked the funds to get it out. It’s one of my biggest regrets to this day. What replaced this car couldn’t have been more different in character, quality, or reliability.