COAL Capsule #4: 1994 Saturn SL2 — Free But Tired

CC 42 111 800

image: P. Niedermeyer


I always viewed this car as punishment for my previous idiotic act with the BMW E12. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Saturns (or any car in general, really) but at 245k…well, to say this car was used up would be a gross understatement. I got this car for free from a friend, but I still feel as if I paid too much (I really do appreciate the act of kindness on their part, however). In addition to this, it was my first automatic-equipped vehicle, which made me feel a little hatred towards it right off the bat.

Saturn SL2 odo

I begrudgingly admitted to liking quite a few things about the car (It had good acceleration, decent handling, a crisp-shifting transmission, and a HUGE sunroof) but that was far from enough to distract me from the absolutely horrible interior material quality, the deafening squeaks and rattles, and the oil-burning/overheating motor. It had to go, and it did for $600. It’s sad really; if it had been a five-speed, had lower mileage, was a different color than the vomit-purple it was, and was more adequately screwed together, it would have been a very nice car.