COAL Capsule #7: 1987 Audi 5000–Yes, Those Wheels Really Are Off A….

Audi 5000 coal

Let’s get one thing straight right away. Yes, those really are Fox-body turbines on the car. I had to answer that question 3834348 times per day when I owned it. I’ve always loved the Audi 5000, and Audis in general. I have vivid memories of riding in my grandmother’s 1985 5000 back in the day (in addition to being stranded in it SEVERAL times.

The off-beat thrum of the Audi five-cylinder is one of my earliest childhood memories (the thrum became a roar when the exhaust fell off directly after the cat). Naturally I purchased this beast for only $500 after selling my 626 as soon as I saw it. It was in flawless condition, save for the typical exhaust manifold tick, and the even more typical temperamental power window switches. But it was very reliable, too.

Sadly, 115 HP + three-speed Automatic + large-ish car does NOT = anything resembling acceleration. I don’t mind slow-ish cars in the least, but this car couldn’t get out of its own way. I needed something that didn’t try to kill me while merging on the highway, so I sold this–similar to my previously owned Mazda–for twice what I paid for it.