COAL Capsule #8: 1988 Audi 90 Quattro–Solid And Cold

Audis coal

The fact that this is still the car that I base my usernames on, despite the fact that I’ve owned several cars before and after, should tell you much its story right there. But in case it doesn’t, here goes: I bought this car when I still owned the 5000, so for a while I actually owned two Audis. “Solid” and “cold” are the two best words that I can use to describe this car. Very German. It felt very solid, and heavy. It leaked from every orifice, the Quattro 4WD decided not to 4-wheel-anything anymore, and it developed a very nasty habit of stalling in busy intersections.

But despite all of this, it remains one of my favorite cars. Everything felt as it was built with craftsmanship and precision, and the heated sport seats were awesome. I had to move to move to South Carolina for a while, so in my driveway it sat for nearly four years. I would’ve fixed it up gradually had I remained in NY, since 124k miles is nothing for these bulletproof Audi 5-cylinders. In the meantime, while in SC, I owned several more cars. Keep reading.