Cohort Classic: 1974 Pontiac Luxury LeMans Safari – Attitude

[TheProfessor47 has posted a lovely 1974 Pontiac Luxury LeMans Safari at the Cohort, including some commentary, which I will now turn over to him:]

This car is a motley collection of spare wheels and tires. Look at the size of the rear tire compared to the front one!

I can’t even see how this is possibly street-legal. Both headlights have long since gone to the grave, and even this car being on the street is a ticketable offense.

What’s up with the tail lights on this car?  As I recall, GM also put them on the Malibu wagon and El Camino, and I think they just don’t work. In fact, they probably don’t.

The rear bumper is slowly detaching from the rest of the car.

As if the rest of the car’s appearance wasn’t bad enough, its rear is filled with hubcaps and spare parts. Who owns this car?