Cohort Outtake: Broughams Look Best In Maple Red

Before you say it–yes, I know, we’ve done the classic early ’90s Cadillac Brougham. But it is one of my favorite Caddys, and when I saw this lovely example posted to the Cohort by Actually Mike, I had to share it. Why you ask? Simply because it is my favorite color on these: Maple Red. I know, because I have the 1990 Cadillac deluxe brochure, which prominently shows one in this shade. So for you Brougham fanciers recovering from Easter brunch, feast your eyes on this!

I won’t go over the whole Brougham history here–for some of you CC newcomers, the full writeup can be found here. But in a nutshell, the 1990 Brougham was a mild restyling of the 1987-89 Brougham, which was the Fleetwood Brougham (and flossier Brougham d’Elegance) from 1980-86.

Even better, this one has the 5.7L Chevrolet V8 instead of the more common (and slower) 5.0L Oldsmobile engine used from 1986-90, or the 5.0L Chevy mill that was standard in 1991-92–after the Olds Rocket was retired. To get the 5.7 you had to pay a hefty luxury tax, and as a result they are not especially common, though it seems a higher percentage of 5.7 Broughams have survived. This one is certainly well-kept–I love it!

These were one of the last GM cars to feature ample chrome and stainless “jewelry.” Look at all that brightwork! And these cars always look best in dark colors. I wouldn’t turn away a similar Brougham in black or midnight blue, but for me, the best color is this one–with matching Maple Red leather, please!