Cohort Outtakes: Audi 100LS Two-Door Sedan – Ever Seen One? No? How About An Opel Admiral?

Here’s yet another car from r0b0tr10t’s amazing collection of finds on the Cohort. I’ve always liked the 100LS–chalk it up to ads I clipped from ’70’s Time magazines in middle school–but until earlier this year, I never knew there was a two-door version.

It took a 1/18th-scale model to show me that it was not just the smaller Fox that came in a dueporte iteration.

Of course we all know about the sedan, that good-looking set of wheels that caused so much trouble for their unfortunate owners–at least on this side of the pond.

So, the question is, were two-door 100LSs imported to the States? We have a wide variety of readers here on CC, and I just know someone is going to have worked at a VW-Audi dealer in Schaumburg or Kirksville during the 1970s and can give us the definitive answer.

And since we’re talking about German cars I like, how about this lovely Opel Diplomat? I’ve always been a fan of these big Opels, and the Admiral/Diplomat “B” were the best and biggest models on offer at the time, running from 1969 to 1977.

The lines of these cars were so subtle, yet so classy. The alloy wheels and grille-mounted foglamps mean business, while the whitewalls and vinyl roof speak to my inner Brougham. Nice.

So nice, in fact that I had to get a model of one. I know, I know; the colors are a little wild, but hey, it was the ’70s.

Special thanks to r0b0tr10t for taking these great pictures. If you haven’t checked out the rest of his pics–on his own photostream as well as the Cohort, it’s well worth a look! Let’s sign off with this Auto Union F12 convertible, the topless, renamed version of the DKW Junior we just saw the other day. Looking lovely in red…