Cohort Outtakes: Truck Time Down Under

I don’t think we’ve had any big trucks on CC lately, what with MG Week and all. Thanks to Cohort Contributor johnh875, a diverse lineup of ‘retired’ trucks are here for your viewing enjoyment. Let’s start with this mid-Fifties IH and a Bonus-Built Dodge of similar vintage.

Moving on, we have what looks to be a rather complete Hillman Minx, and some very utilitarian truck behind it. I’m not sure what this one is, but for some reason I’m thinking Autocar.

How about a DeSoto truck? Yes, in export markets (in this case New Zealand), Dodge trucks were marketed as DeSotos, just like Fargo Trucks in Canada. Like the Fargos, about the only difference was badging. Both it and the Dodge next to it look rather solid save paint. That Holden (which John Identified as an FJ) appears to need a bit more TLC, though. It’s hard to tell, but Holdens of this vintage look quite a bit like a 3/4 scale 1949 Chevrolet.

Finally, we have two trucks which John identified as a Fargo and a (British built) Dennis. I believe he is correct. That poor Dennis needs one of everything, but it could make a pretty neat RV, if one had the time and money.

Nice photos, John!