Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: 1982 Renault 4 F6 – Allez Le Blue!

1982 R4 F6 - 1

Corey Behrens, our man in Noord-Holland, uploaded some brochure-worthy pictures of a 40 years old Renault 4 F6, neatly parallel parked alongside an Amsterdam canal. A fuel-sipping fourgonnette (commercial van) in the best French FWD tradition.

1982 R4 F6 - 2

The F6 had a 12 cm (4.7”) longer wheelbase than the contemporary F4 fourgonnette and the rear overhang was also extended. The whole stretch job resulted in a 20 cm (7.9”) longer cargo compartment.

The Amsterdam van is powered by Renault’s 1.1 liter Cléon-Fonte engine and is registered as a Combi, which corresponds to its passenger car license plates. A Combi is supposed to have rear seats, yet the registration says it’s a two-seater.  Well, never mind.

According to some other information I found, Corey’s find was originally owned by France Télécom.

1982 R4 F6 - 3

The F4 and F6 vans were superseded by the Renault Express, which was fully based on the 1984 Super 5.

Parked directly in front of the R4, a 2015 Toyota Yaris with a 1.0 liter, three-cylinder engine. No displacement or horsepower bragging rights today.

R4 F6 - cargo compartment

Open sesame, here’s another blue F6 for an inside look. The cargo capacity is 2.35 m³, equal to 3.07 yd³. Close the cargo door and you can still haul some roi-sized baguettes sans fuss (photo courtesy of Venema Classic Cars).

To this day, no automaker does compact commercial vans better than Renault and Stellantis. And speaking of Stellantis, as for now, the Fiat Doblò is the latest clone of the 2018, third gen Peugeot Partner/Citroën Berlingo. Any news on the Ram ProMaster City yet?

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