Cohort Pic(k)s of the Day: Mercedes-Benz 709D Flatbed Trucks – Two-Tee-Twos

MB 709D truck - 1

A huge, almost vertical windshield and a short nose with a slightly sloping hood. Straight lines everywhere. The unmistakable shape of a second gen Mercedes-Benz T2, introduced in 1986. Eliminator from Brazil uploaded a duo of T2-709D chassis-cabs. Two curbside classics, still fit and far away from retirement.

The 709D was factory rated at a GVW of 6,600 kg (14,550 lbs), that’s some serious business in the world of light commercial vehicles.

The 90 DIN-type of horses came from a naturally aspirated, inline-four diesel with a displacement of 3,972 cc, known as the OM 364 engine. Detuned to 86 DIN-hp in 1992, when the Euro 1 emission standards came into effect.

In 1996, the T2W-series, better known as the Vario, superseded the T2. It was merely an updated T2 though and its production run ended in 2013.

MB 709D - 2

The runner up, also with a breezy headache rack and ditto dropsides. I bet this tidy and seemingly very fit ol’ Benz works for Distribuidora De Bananas Nicolau from São Paulo.

Mercedes-Benz LN2 - T2 - T1

Now about that unmistakable shape. The second generation of the T2 clearly spoke the same design language as the smaller 1977 T1, yet it shared many cab components with the 1983 LN2 cabover series, which was evidently the top banana of the Mercedes-Benz light trucks line-up.