Cohort Sighting: 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera coupe – Not Quite My Aunt’s Oldsmobile

Cutlass zoom

The GM A-bodies have certainly received their fair share of attention here. Nevertheless, there’s something about these boxy workhorses that always grabs my attention. In particular, the rarely seen coupe models are of great fascination because, well, they’re so rare.

olds cutlass ciera 8813 4

I still see a great deal of these later-model Cutlass Cieras and Centuries. However, nearly all of them I see are 4-door sedans. Wagons are an occasional sight, but the coupes are virtually nonexistent anymore. It must have been the CC-Effect though, because yesterday I passed a similar blue Cutlass Ciera coupe, going the opposite direction on Route 106.

olds cutlass ciera 8813 3

A (full CC) has already been done on the Century coupe, but Dave 7 found this excellent condition ’88 Cutlass Ciera coupe that I simply could not ignore. This one is an ’88, as noted (in English and French) by the commemorative 1988 Calgary Winter Olympiad decal. 1988 was also the last year for this rear-end treatment. ‘89s would get a more squared-off rear.

Ciera coupes early late

It should be noted that this coupe’s roofline was introduced midway through the 1986 model year. Prior to that, 2-door Cieras shared the sedan’s much sharper notchback roofline.

Kathy's Cutlass

Another possible reason that I’m drawn to these cars is that a 1989 blue Cutlass Ciera coupe was a member of my family. I know what you’re thinking, but you may be surprised – it was not one of my grandfather’s Oldsmobiles. This one above (the Cutlass Supreme behind it is my grandfather’s) was owned by his daughter, my favorite aunt Kathy. If I haven’t said this before, Oldsmobile runs deep in my family’s veins.