Cohort Sighting: Ford Carvan – Redefining The Metavan


When you want your Windstar to make a statement before a dead transmission finally sends it to the boneyard, what do you do?  Easy: you decorate it with cars and in the process, turn your minivan into a metavan.  While, for the moment, I’ve been having a bear of a time locating true, daily duty CCs in my neck of the woods, A. Bear was fortunate enough to find this California catastrophe and has thoughtfully shared it with us.


Here’s a nice close-up of the mosaic work.  The while paint makes an excellent canvas for this artist’s imagination, and the Windstar’s soft suspension ensures that the decoration will fall off the abundant surface area slightly less often than it would on a lesser van.  Seriously, does anyone know if littering or other public safety laws are ever leveled against owners of art cars?  I suppose that, compared to all the stone chips inflicted by construction vehicles, a random Matchbox car causes relatively little damage.


There are some cute toys up on the roof, the dinosaur above the right front door being especially endearing.  When it comes to art cars, I’m more of a fan of the classic doll’s head motif, but I can’t help but love this display just as much.


The biggest of the toys, a number of which appear to be remote control monster trucks, are perched precariously at the rear of the roof.  I can only imagine having to file a report with the police if one were to fall onto your car on the freeway.  “It was the van with all the toys on it!”  If only Ford had fit a rear spoiler at the top of the tailgate, à la Previa-with-twin-sunroofs, there would be a more secure place for these accessories.  See?  This is why the Windstar didn’t turn the minivan market on its head.