Cohort Sighting: Just What Year Is It Anyway?


It’s said nostalgia can be a bad thing, but as far as I’m concerned, there’s little shame in it. And the three cars captured in this photo by Passin’Gas provide a great opportunity to indulge in a late ’60s fantasy.


These three cars are a well chosen selection, illustrating the wildly different philosophies of their makers. The Thunderbird is heavy, well isolated, and full of gadgets; the VW is space efficient, slow and austere; and while the Volvo’s format has more in common with the Ford, the philosophy behind its design is more closely aligned with VW’s functional ethos.


I’m not sure I’d want to drive either of the three on a daily basis, given that each is either wallowy, sluggish or hoary.  However, the Volvo would be my first choice, as it is closest to the more compact, pert machines American drivers were waiting for, like the BMW 1602, Datsun 510 and VW Rabbit.  On that note, let’s hope to get a similarly representative ’70s lineup captured and written up soon.