Cohort Sighting: Landcruiser 70-Series Camper – Arousing Envy in NorCal


Despite not being sold here, the Landcruiser 70-series has been the object of desire for many fans of off roading (or just quality machinery) in North America. This converted camper combines a the utility of a compact RV with legendary durability, diesel power and snob appeal, and I’m sure many in-the-know passersby feel a touch of resentment toward the car’s unavailability in the US.  Note the intake snorkel, allowing easy travel through deep water.  How many camper conversions can do that?


It appears that this camper came here all the way from Switzerland.  However it got here, the people driving it along the coast must have generous vacation benefits, given all the potential sources of headaches involved in such an undertaking.  At least they can avoid having to book into a hotel.

This is what the basic version of the chassis looks like.  It is actually still available in Canada, but in very limited quantities and limited to use in such applications as mining.  The Land Cruiser 70 as sold in Australia uses Toyota’s 4.5 liter turbodiesel V8, but the camper pictured here likely uses the 4.2 straight six counterpart.  Most of Toyota’s European websites don’t feature the 70-series on their website, so it’s hard to find info as to their current specification and which engines meet current emissions standards.


It would seem that Passin’Gas (who uploaded these shots) wasn’t the only person interested in this Toyota.  That, or the person seen here snapping pictures is a member of the team driving this camper through the states.  If someone knows how they got here and what they’re doing here, please share.

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