Cohort Sighting: The Rarest Taurus?


Here’s a car, photographed by SeattleO, that I never knew existed.  It’s a late-production fourth-generation Taurus panelvan, as evidenced by the red turn signals and full door latch bezels (the earlier pieces were notched to fit a larger handle).  Lacking a rear wiper, brightwork around the windows and exterior latches on the back doors, which may or may not open, it appears to be a factory job, but a Google search didn’t result in any evidence of its existence.  I’m very perplexed; do any of you guys know more about this?


There’s a lot about the fourth-gen Taurus wagon which makes it a good choice for use as a panelvan, especially for long distances.  A solid structure, good ride comfort and compact rear suspension all help and I can think of much worse cars to use for courier service.  This car is especially versatile if it is equipped with the split front bench, if it was still available this late in the Taurus’s life.  The view out the back must obviously be horrific, but otherwise, it’s hard to think of a downside.  Okay, okay, it doesn’t have a turbodiesel, and it’s not brown, but one day, this uber-90s shape will boast enough obscure flair.  Just wait fifteen years.