Curbside Classic Bingo: Let’s Play A Game!


Let’s try something a little bit different. Let’s play a game: Curbside Classic Bingo! You’re probably wondering, “How do you play bingo when you’re not sitting in a big room in a senior center?” Well, it’s simple. In this post, I have included a bingo card. You can print it off, if you like, or simply save it on your phone. You have the next 7 days to keep an eye out for the cars on your card. I will post again this time next Sunday. Simply comment and attach a copy of your card or simply post a comment saying you found them all and the day of the week you spotted your 16th car. Include a photo if you like! Whoever has found all 16 first wins…

…the satisfaction of being a victor! Hey, that’s not a bad prize! And if you didn’t win, feel free to comment anyway and tell us how close (or far) you were.

buick rainier

Now, this game does have a decidedly North American bent. So, sorry to loyal Curbsiders from around the globe like Old Pete, Bryce and Gem Whitman (just to name a few), but that also means from where I’m living I also can’t win!

This game will require keen observational skills. I have thrown in some more common vehicles but there are definitely some challenging finds.


However, each car I have included is a car I have personally spotted on the road when I lived in the USA, except one. And to make it easier for those in the Rust Belt, there’s nothing too old included. So, keep your eyes peeled and good luck!