Countryside Outtakes: A Trip To The Egg Lady

CC 243 090 1200

The pursuit of the perfect egg has taken us many places. They have to have really deep-orange yolks, or they just won’t do. For a while, we even had our own back-yard chickens, but their food attracted rats. And they kept getting into the vegetable garden. But Stephanie has cultivated a new source, and today we took advantage of a perfect late spring day to re-up, as well as take the dogs for a walk along the river nearby. On the way, I spotted this Olds Omega, a former CC that I only saw once in town. Now here it is in the country watching the grass grow (literally).

CC 243 089 1200

I’ve done a post on the Hentze’s family farm before; but back then it was walnuts, before eggs were added to their crops. The chickens live under the most majestic sycamore (plane) tree ever, and keep this old Mercury Topaz company.

CC 243 085 1200

Wouldn’t you want to buy eggs from someone who drives a Topaz and keeps her chickens right next door to the house? Good thing too, as the strong smell of skunk was leftover from an attack on the chickens last night, which required Gordon Hentze to interrupt his slumber at 2:30 in the morning for an intervention that included his rifle.



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