Craigslist Classic: Christmas Money Burning A Hole In Your Pocket? How About A ’77 Bonneville With Valencia Interior?


Well, another holiday season has passed into history. For those of you looking to spend a little of that Christmas green from dear old Aunt Ethel or Grandma Cissy, you could put a bit of ’70s luxury in your driveway! To wit: the 1977 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham, with the rare Valencia velour interior, no less.


Optional on the 1977 Bonneville Brougham, and on both the Brougham and standard Bonnie in 1978, the Valencia striped cloth provided a bit of Cadillac style to those with Pontiac pocketbooks. Seen here in tan, this colorful interior was also available in dark red.

This gold-over-tan example has many options beyond the upholstery–power windows, “gage” package, sport mirrors, vinyl roof, body side molding, tilt-wheel and, of course, those wonderful Rally IIs with whitewalls.


I never knew about the Valencia interior option until I got a box full of ’70s car brochures from a lady at my Dad’s office in the late ’90s. Such a cool interior! I have never seen one in person.

This ’77 Brougham sedan looks remarkably well-preserved, and I love the combination of Valencia interior, fender skirts (oft-missing on Bonnevilles of this vintage) and Rally IIs. It is currently listed on Dayton, OH Craigslist. Hopefully the right person will come along and rescue this survivor!


All images are from the craigslist post, found here.