Craigslist Classic: Ever Seen This Top On A ’75 Bonnie?

As your resident CC B-Body Pontiac fan, I wanted to share this intriguing 1975 Bonneville I ran across on Houston Craigslist. The 1971-76 B-Body Pontiacs are quite rare these days (though I managed to snag pictures of a ’72 just blocks away from the office, click here for its CC), but there is something even more special about this one.

And I don’t just mean this survivor’s incredibly sharp white paint, red pinstriping and amazing red-and-white interior. Yes, this car is quite cherry. The discrepancy on this one, however, is a Landau roof style I have never seen before.

Of course, there were a variety of full- and half-vinyl roofs available on the 1975 Catalina, Bonneville and Grand Ville Brougham, but the ones I recall had a more Colonnade-like style, as shown here in the 1975 catalog. If you look at the top picture, you can see that our subject’s landau top has a much smaller quarter window, and the roofline itself appears more squared-off.

The 1975 Grand Ville Brougham and subsequent 1976 Bonneville and Bonneville Brougham used the C-body two- and four-door rooflines, but once again, it does not match our featured Bonnie.

Here I thought I knew everything there was to know about Seventies full-size Ponchos, but this roof has me stumped, folks. I wish the posting had a side- or rear quarter view so I could see more of the top. Could it just be the C-body 2-door roof with a smaller window?ย And it looks to have a script too. What does it say? Brougham? Landau? Is this a seldom-seen factory option, introduced after the ’75s debuted? Or is it a dealer-installed special?

It actually reminds me of the 1974-76 Coupe de Ville roofline, as seen here on my friend KV Dahl’s Crystal Blue Firemist Coupe. It appears to have the same nearly square opera window. Maybe it was an aftermarket option, like the LTDs you used to see with Mark IV spare tire humps and oval opera windows?

Maybe one of you CCers knows more. If so, I’d love to hear about it. And if you’re so inclined, you could investigate yourself if you have $5500 and live near Houston. One thing is for certain: This is one sharp Pontiac!

All pictures with the white Bonneville are from the Craigslist listing.