CC Announces Curbside Clueless: A New Column Of Advice And Tech Tips

Paul recently approached me (aka scoutdude) about a new feature here at the Curbside. The plan is that I and your fellow readers will be answering your automotive questions, no matter clueless or clued-in. We’re open to most questions of an automotive nature, but leaning of course to cars that qualify as Curbside Classics. E-mail your questions to It doesn’t matter if it’s “I’ve got a ‘xx Bro-ham deluxe and the “_______” isn’t working, to selecting the right Curbside Classic for you, to how does “______” work?

For our readers down under, across the pond, or anywhere else on the planet keep in mind I’m in the US or A, so my experience is biased by that. So for questions outside of my comfort zone and experience, we’ll be looking to you, our readers and your experience. Speaking of experience I’ve been doing the mechanic gig for over 25 years, interrupted by a short climb up the corporate ladder. As for comments, we encourage you to respond too, whether it’s a “yup I agree” or “are you mad?, you’re totally wrong”. Sometimes, there’s just no one single right answer. For a number of years I’ve been active on some of the IH forums where I’ve successfully talked a number of people through diagnosing, repairing, and/or modernizing gauges, lighting, ignition, charging and starting systems. We’ll do the best we can.

Stepping on my soap box for a second: Much like Paul, I have my “busy” season I am very active in the organization known as FIRST. For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology is a US based organization that uses robotics competitions to inspire kids aged 6-18 to pursue education and careers in Math, Science and Technology,  by providing hands on experience working with industry professionals from many disciplines. I am a mentor for the team at my children’s High School where we compete in the FRC league.

Our season starts Jan 7th and the build season runs for an intense 45 days. During that time we work 6 and sometimes 7 days per week. Once build season ends, things slow down slightly as we enter the competition season. I encourage every one to check out for more information, even you readers from outside the US, as there are teams all around the world. At regional events we’ve met teams from Turkey, Mexico and Canada. The 2011 world championships were attended by teams from 29 countries. Stepping down from my soap box.

So during the  build season, Curbside Clueless posts won’t likely come quite as often as other times of the year.

If you have questions about your particular CC be sure to include relevant details such as yr, engine, trans,  other problems that could in one way or another be related. Pictures of said CC of course are encouraged.

BTW, the Scout pictured is my ’73 Cab Top now sporting a 345 and 4sp driving all wheels. The Travelall a ’72 1010 with a Megasquirt’ed 392 that’s backed by the legendary Torqueflite  727. OK, bring them on: