Curbside Clueless: The Great Coast to Coast Classic Road Trip

So now that we’ve all picked our Coast to Coast Classic, in the first Curbside Clueless See the USA, In a Crown Victoria , for the great  road trip, where are you going to go?

Someone mentioned driving the Oregon and California coast. I second that and have done it or parts of it multiple times. Where else can you legally drive the Family Truckster on the beach and even into the surf one day and then drive it through a tree the next?

Oregon (Washington too) has many areas that are open for driving, many passable by pretty ordinary cars. If you find the right spot you can even film your personal car commercial of it bashing through the surf. Or as I managed to do with the family Tempo 4wd, years ago before digital imaging, find a nice firm rock/sand bar in a semi protected cove with gentle waves. I pulled the car out there and snapped a number of pics and did a little video of the waves “crashing” around and surrounding it. Only let it go through 2 cycles of the waves then got it out of there quick.

Another year we went a little farther south to California and snapped pictures and video of driving the family minivan through a tree. Just 2 of the many great photo ops and fun to have along the OR and CA coast.

One of the biggest must see things in the west in my opinion is Yellowstone. The thermal features are mesmerizing and the diversity in terrain and wildlife are incredible. Great picture op get the wife to stand in front of Old faithful or any other geyser and snap the pic as it erupts for a nice picture of her “letting off steam” or “blowing her top”. Just don’t show it to her until you get home.

In the Southwest I’d have to suggest Bryce Canyon in Utah. The Grand Canyon gets all the press and most of the tourists, but Bryce Canyon in many ways is more beautiful and is an awesome display of the power of nature with out the massive crowds.

Near there on the road to the park there is another great picture op. A Trabant whose owner had it shipped to the US for his great American road trip and now it’s parked outside of the Ruby’s Inn Gift Shop on the road the Bryce Canyon National Park.

So if a crazy German can do it in a Trabant, so can you!!!

Now it’s your turn. Do you want to take your Chevy to Bel Air or Malibu? Your Dodge to Aspen? Your Toyota to Tacoma? Or maybe you are one of our foreign readers, we don’t want you to feel left out. So anywhere you can go by car in the world is fair game, doesn’t matter if it’s a National Park, an unusual museum,  or even just a nice stretch of road.

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