Curbside Cruising: Late Fall Roundabout

The last car show of the year around here was on October 28. It was not your run-of-the-mill show, however, being  put on in honor of Dahl Ford’s 75th year in business. Before the show, however, all the old car guys met at the owners’ Old Car Home to take a little cruise. Fortunately, I was able to talk Dad into dusting off the 356 and checking it out. Let’s go for a ride!

There was quite a turnout. Indeed, there was a bit of a traffic jam as all the cars were leaving the starting point. Dad and I were late, so we got to car-spot while we waited to join the line of cars. As a matter of fact, we were the last car in line. I noticed this when I looked behind us and two Davenport squad cars were bringing up the rear with their lights aglow. We had an escort!

As a result of that, we got to pass through all red lights, and traffic was being blocked at intersections by members of DPD’s finest. That was pretty cool. A good idea, too, as with all the traffic lights and the sheer number of cars participating, it would have taken us an hour and a half to traverse the route downtown, circling back, and ending up at the dealership to begin the show.

Here we are traveling down Harrison Street toward downtown and the Mississippi River. I’m sure you’ve already noticed the aqua Cadillac from the preceding picture. That ’70 Corvette was also quite nice. I didn’t immediately realize that it was a convertible with a factory hardtop. Refreshing to see one that isn’t fire engine red, even though they look great in it.

We are now just west of downtown on W. 4th Street. Up ahead on the right is the Coliseum Ballroom, affectionately known as the “Col.” My dad went to see Jimi Hendrix there back in 1970 or so. The Col has been a draw for many big names over the years, having hosted Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, and Stevie Ray Vaughn, just to name a few. That tan ’68 VW was remarkably nice, and kept Dad and I from looking too out of place amongst the Caddys, Impalas and Galaxies.

Here’s a nice ’68 Mustang hardtop in Steve McQueen Green. I have seen this car before and it is a nearly-complete restoration. And this one still has its six-cylinder engine. I have to hand it to the owner in keeping his car as it was built; half (or maybe three-quarters) of surviving ’68 Mustangs have had V8 transplants, I’m sure.

This mint green ’60 DeSoto was a great car, one of my two favorite cars at the event (the other was an amazing rose and black ’58 Park Lane convertible; we’ll see it on CC sometime soon). Look, it even has the fake spare tire. It also had dazzling factory wire wheels, same as used on contemporary Chrysler 300s.

By this point, we were almost at our destination. I think this is the best photo I took; if you ignore the beige Sentra, this photo could have been taken in 1970. The ’64 Impala in front of us is one of the Dahl’s cars; it is a rare ’64 Impala four-door hardtop.

Well, here we are at the end. We also got fed, as there was plenty of pop, hamburgers and potato salad for all the attendees, courtesy of the dealership. It was a fun day, to be sure. Unfortunately Dad had to help a friend pull his boat out of the water, so we had to leave early. But never fear, for I returned in my own wheels (hey, I never pass up a free meal!) and took lots and lots more pictures. Hey, we all should have something to look forward to with winter nearly upon us!