Curbside Goldilocks Challenge: Which Roadster Is Just Right?


It’s not everyday you go to a remote countryside village and stumble upon some of the finest machinery Europe had to offer at the turn of the 1960s. If you’re like me when faced with such fine choices, you have a seriously hard time making a decision.


I have to admit my infatuation with an Aston Martin DB4 would only be skin deep. I superficially understand their performance and pedigree. Realistically I’m more aware of the next generation DB5 and Β the obvious connection to James Bond.


For such a watershed car, the Jaguar XK-E/E-Type can almost seem, well, common. I’ve seen 6 out on the streets this year alone! That’s more than any version of the C1 Corvette I’ve seen. It doesn’t help matters that the example we’re encountering today is “refrigerator white” for a lack of a more specific paint chart color name on my brain.


I don’t want to say I can be won over by a paint color. However this 300SL was bluer than the Pacific Ocean. There’s no way that any lens could do this car any justice. It’s pretty astonishing someone actually drove what looked like a museum piece to the broken pavement of Pescadero.


So enough of my (hinted) voting, which Roadster would you want to ride off into the sunset with?