Curbside Quandry: 3000 Mile Coast Road Trip In My 2000 Acura Or in A Rental?

Acura 2000 TL Len

Greetings from the Wet Coast of Canada on this fine sunny day. Well, it got dark at 4:30 pm, so it must be winter in these parts. This Christmas holiday, my wife Annie and I are planning a road trip to San Francisco, as much on the coast highway as possible. That is the best time of year as the weather is usually quite clear and there is no traffic to speak of. Naturally, my 2000 Acura TL would be an absolute riot to drive on the twisty sections and it just burns down the highway, especially on its new Michelin tires. So what’s the catch, here?

2014 Ford

Well, I do love my Acura. It really isn’t worth a lot now, so I am planning to keep it as a survivor for as long as I can. It still looks and runs great, but a trip like that would put 4000 km on it. This is where this car above comes in. Last summer, while visiting my hometown in Gatineau, Quebec, I picked up a Taurus AWD, loaded, as a full sized car, at the Ottawa airport. It was a great big sled but it was really safe and secure and could hustle just fine for me. The Volvo heritage of this car was obvious, and in a good way. I can get a full sized car from Thrify for C$223 a week, including everything. The catch is I don’t know what car I get. I couldn’t drive that far in a Sonata, no way.

So, what should I do? Would it be best to go to the rental place and see what they try to foist upon me, or should I have fun wailing on my TL?


Image property of Bagel the Wonderdog

Image property of Bagel the Wonderdog


And of course, with the Acura comes Bagel the Wonderdog, the 13 pound mutt from the pound who now runs the lives of two adults.