Curbside Question: Final B-Body Convertibles – Decisions, Decisions…

07-27-2012 023

After I showed you a nice blue Caprice Classic convertible a couple of days ago, mention of the other 1975 B-body convertibles was made in the comments, and I recalled that I shot this ’75 Delta 88 at one of the Sycamore Mall cruise-ins in Iowa City last year. But that’s not all…

2-11-2013 012

I saw this ’74 Grand Ville just a few weeks ago, on a bitterly cold and windy day–not exactly convertible weather. Still, I had to get at least a couple of shots of this nicely-preserved one: It was so close to fulfilling my goal of finding a ’73 GV for Curbside Classic! This one looked great in maroon/white/white with the Rally IIs and whitewalls.

CC-175-076-1200photo by PN

So imagine: You wanted one of the last “biggie” GM convertibles in the summer of ’75. Would you prefer your B in Chevy, Olds, Buick or Pontiac form? In what colors? With what options?

1975 Cadillac Ad-07

Or would you forgo the B-body models entirely and perhaps go full-on Brougham, with an E-body Eldo drop-top, despite its dearer sticker?

1975 Grand Ville Broughamimage:

Personally, I would go for a ’75 Grand Ville Brougham–preferably in black, white or bright red, white interior with red accents, and a white top. And as long as I’m dreaming, I’d also like a fiberglass parade boot! How about you?

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