Curbside Question: Pick Your C Body Pace Car

Here in Indiana, the Indianapolis 500 mile race has been a big thing for a long time.  My favorite Indy 500 subject has long been the pace cars.  Every year, one car was chosen to be the pace car for the race, used in leading the thirty three cars in their flying start, and during yellow-flag caution laps.

Although Oldsmobile paced the race several times, the big Ninety Eight got the honor only once – in 1960.  Retired racer Sam Hanks drove the 1960 car (as well as several others in those years).  The 1960 model was a good looking car that made a great pace car.  I wonder if inter-divisional rivalry cause Olds to go after the honor the year immediately following 1959, when Buick had the job for its new flagship, the Electra 225.  And, a fun fact of the day: the 1960 Oldsmobile pace car was the last one delivered as a showroom stock car from a dealer.  Every pace car since was specially prepared, in one way or another.


If you had to choose one of these two 1959-60 GM C body Pace Cars, which would be your choice?