Curbside Question: What Was The Last Pink Car You’ve Seen?

I ran across this most decidedly NON-factory painted VW New Beetle behind a local dealership today. Pink cars are pretty far and few between these days, so my interest was piqued. Could it be a Mary Kay VW?

Upon further reflection, I decided that it was customized by the owner. Plus, this car is a few years old, and if I understand correctly, top MK sales people get a new car every year. VW has offered some retro colors on NBs in the past, including pastel yellow and sand beige, but I don’t think pink was ever under consideration!

It looks rather similar to the ’50s Cadillac pink, which I believe was called Mountain Laurel. Even car colors had cool names back then! Unlike the bright neon pinks seen on custom cars today, it was subtle, at least as subtle as pink paint can be on a gigantic, befinned Caddy.

This is not the first pink car I’ve seen this year, but that one was a lot bigger than a VW. Rest assured it will appear here on CC in the near future.

Someone went to considerable expense to have his or her (probably her) NB painted this way. The paint quality was quite nice, so I’m sure it wasn’t cheap, and the car was otherwise stock, with VW alloys and a black leather or leatherette interior. An interesting find, any way you slice it. So, the question: When was the last time you’ve seen a pink vehicle, and how long ago was it?