Curbside Retirees: Bullet-less Nose Studebaker…And More


Cohort contributor ggh06 has been posting quite a few photos lately, including several of a lot full of retired Curbside Classics. I was drawn to this weathered old Studebaker as it no longer has a bullet in the chamber, so to speak.

1951 Studebaker Ad-02

The ’50-’51 Studeys were largely the same as the advanced postwar ’47s, except for a remarkable nose job obviously inspired by contemporary aircraft. They’re among my favorite Studebakers, especially the Starliner coupe with its wraparound backlight. Today’s ’51, however, is the more common four-door sedan.


And that’s not all folks, for a second ’51, retaining a lot more trim and glass than its neighbor, was just a few yards away. This fenced-in lot holds even more interesting subjects, but since I’ve always had a soft spot for Studebakers, I had to give them first billing!


So where was all this old iron? As ggh06 tells us:

“This set was shot on two consecutive days at the site of a now-closed auto body shop about 30 miles north of Victoria, Texas. The collection of abandoned vehicles here seems to include quite a lot more than just the unrepaired late-model wrecks that seem to collect around such facilities…guarding the property entrance is this none-too-shabby ’63 Pontiac Star Chief…”

Looks quite nice in aqua and white. It just needs some proper wheel covers–or better yet, some eight-lug alloy wheels.


I also had to include this lovely ’55 Cadillac. One of the first car shows I attended was the 1986 or 1987 June Jamboree, in East Moline. As a tot of only six or so, I clearly remember a 1955 Cadillac like this one in attendance, in mint condition.

1955 Cadillac-04

It was painted black–no two-tone–and had a light gray broadcloth interior. I believe it was a Sixty Special; I have a vague recollection of those hash marks on the rear quarter panels, but I can’t be sure. At any rate, I was most impressed: Due to my stature at the time, it appeared to be a block long! That memory has stayed with me all these years. This green one looks like it could be fired up and on the road with little trouble.


We’ve got quite a variety of cars here: a short-bed ’60s C10; a Maverick with period-correct slotted mags; and a 260Z 2+2, with gaudy aftermarket wire wheels.


There were also several ’55-’58 Chevys, including this ’58 sedan. As you can see, there was security on the premises.

There was even a ’59 Edsel, which I’m quite sure has not been Eco-boosted. Quite a few of the old-timers were sans paint, but the majority of them still had most if not all of their brightwork.


Want more? The rest of the “retirement party” CCs begins here at the Cohort. Enjoy!