Curbside Tragic: The Best is Yet to Come


Suddenly, it’s 1964! Er, 1962! Ah – Nobody will notice…! Moving on…

Ed Wood would be proud.

In a new advertisement for Canada’s Rogers MisCommunications,  the media and communications giant reflects back on its corporate history.

Prophetically, the ad says, “We’ve made mistakes… but the best is yet to come.”

Why is a ’64 Chevy used to depict the year 1962, when Rogers launched the first FM radio station in Canada?

It appears they had a small continuity problem… a ’62 Chevy Impala didn’t offer an AM-FM radio.


 Screen grabs from the book Chevrolet SS by Robert Genat.  (via

 History is bound to never repeat itself if it’s reinvented.

The best is yet to come. Here’s the ad.