Curtis Perry Outtake: The Old Luxury Love Boat Hookup In Seligman, AZ

cp packard and benz

(my son Will has decided to join the CC family, and this is his first post)   This picture By Curtis Perry popped out to me right off the bat when I was surfing the Cohort Flickr due to all the shades of brown, the vintage motel, the historical significance of these two cars as well as my personal love for these big, old Mercedes sedans.

will mercedes selseat

I owned a 300 SEL much like this one and loved it. Big, comfy and beautiful. I would often ask friends to drive for me so I could be chauffeured around in the luxurious back seat (picture above is my old SEL). The Benz was a big boat of a car and if I was around in the 50’s I could easily see myself cruising around in that big, brown Packard, minus the rust!