(Almost) Wordless Dashcam Outtake: Ameri-Classics on Their Way To/From a Meeting

1964 Blue Chevrolet C10

This is really just a short clip of some US iron classics, heading for an Israeli Five Club meeting that regularly takes place on the morning of every first-of-the-month Saturday; being this was on the 2nd of September, it fit the bill.


No problem recognizing any of these, but I’ll just add that the 1973 Dart (my favorite) was posted on CC before, conveniently found within the link above, with a photo for reference:

1973 Green Dodge Dart

As for the 1964 C10 Pickup- well, it used to look rather different, but the license plate don’t lie:

1964 Blue Chevrolet C10

Oh, and that was one smart pooch driving the Lincoln.