Autotrader Find: 1990 Ford Taurus Wagon – The L Stands For Lovely

On Wednesday I showed you one of the last remaining examples of a first generation Taurus LX sedan in excellent condition. That evening I decided to hit up Autotrader to see if there was anything else out there that would tickle my fancy. This L wagon lit up my laptop screen and turned night into day with its resplendent beauty.

Even in base trim, the first generation Taurus looked upscale. Buyers looking for something with a little more pizazz could step up to the GL line, but cosmetically both trims looked pretty much identical from the outside.

My 1989 Taurus wagon was a GL model, and aside from the color, looked almost exactly the same as our featured car, with one notable exception.

See that rocker panel? It’s painted to match the rest of the car. You’d think painted rockers would be considered a premium option, but apparently that was not the case for the Taurus. According to this detailed guide on the 1990 Taurus lineup, rocker panel moldings were a stand alone option for entry level models and standard equipment on GL models with the 202A “Preferred Equipment” package and above.

My old GL also didn’t have a rear wiper setup. And neither does this L. I can remember a couple of times when I wished it had one, mainly on rainy nights. Otherwise, it wasn’t much of a loss. The rear defroster was essential though, and it looks like this one has it. Did you know the rear defroster was another optional item on the Taurus, even for some models of the LX trim? I cannot fathom owning a car without a rear defroster, and I imagine a lot of owners who bought a Taurus without the ability to heat the rear glass ended up regretting their decision.

In terms of the exterior, the only demerits are the faded gray painted sections and the cloudy head lamps. Both of those nitpicks are trivial at best, because the car still looks fantastic.

And those wheel covers clearly aren’t stock, which also isn’t a big deal. They even look kinda nice.

The interior is in even better shape. That cargo area is devoid of any terrible scratches or horrible stains.

All four door panels are absolutely spotless. They’re also lacking power windows and door locks, which is a plus for a car nearing its 30th birthday.

Illuminated entry? Power mirrors? Yup! Even base models had some luxury, even if the former was a stand alone option.

Check out that headliner. Taut, and with little to no stains.

The 1990-1991 model years differed from their predecessors by sporting a redesigned dash and a new steering wheel that came standard with an airbag. Functionally, everything is pretty much in the same place. It just looks a bit less coherent.

The owner opted for a digital clock and air conditioning. Those are good options to order!

They also decided to modernize the audio system at some point during the 90’s. Head units of the early aughts looked far more modern than this Pioneer head unit, as I can vividly remember my sister getting a pretty decent one back in 2003.

The ad says the car has 131,000 miles on it, but its in such good condition that 31,000 is totally believable.

Perhaps the best news lies under the hood. The 3.0 “Vulcan” V6 was used in the Taurus from 1986-2006 and it developed a solid reputation for being reliable. It looks like the dealer decided to power wash it before taking this picture. I don’t know if that does an old engine any favors, but it sure does look nice.

The Taurus is currently for sale at Phil Long Ford of Colorado Springs, where its been serviced for the last ten years. Its entirely possible it was even purchased new at that dealership, but the CARFAX doesn’t specify where it was originally purchased, probably because it was so long ago. More importantly, the report indicates this Taurus is a one owner vehicle. Clearly, that person loved this car, otherwise it wouldn’t be in such great shape. The asking price started out at $5k and is now down to just under $4k, which is probably a bit high. Then again, this is a unicorn. I hope the dealer sells it to someone who will treat it like the precious jewel that it is.

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