Curbside Classics: Profiles Of Laramie

I’d finished lunch with an old friend and had about half an hour to kill before meeting a prospective tenant at one of my rentals in Laramie, Wyoming.  So, as one does, I decided to take a meandering route from the old downtown through the residential sections towards said rental and just spent twenty minutes snapping every interesting (to me, perhaps you as well) older car that was parked curbside.  As usual, Laramie did not disappoint with this selection of 17 images captured in less than 20 minutes, all out of my driver’s side window as I was feeling fat and lazy after a good lunch with no desire to jostle anything.  Join me as we take a ride.

Jaguar XJ6L

We’ll start here.  One can simply never go wrong taking a picture of a presumably mid-1970s Series II Jaguar XJ6L.  Even in white with whitewalls, although some uncharitable souls might point out that finding a Jaguar of this vintage in a resting pose is no great feat…  Grrr.

Jeep Cherokee

Perhaps the polar opposite of the Jaguar?  Although it starts with the same letter, that’s about all this grizzled Jeep Cherokee might have in common with Coventry’s finest.  Go Toledo!


Oh jeez, the third car in and already it’s turned the other cheek so as not to appear in profile.  It was simply too good to pass up though, parked in the No Parking spot.  The Colorado bumper sticker under the Wyoming plate is a nice touch and green Lincolns don’t seem too plentiful.

Tastes in Laramie run far and wide.  And those that complain about today’s cars having weird protrusions, styling gimmicks, and odd ornamentation, well, there’s a precedent for all that…Still, someone probably loves it and cares for it so that’s good enough.

Infiniti M30

And just around the corner, an Infiniti M30 with mismatched wheels; the fronts from a 300ZX, the rears from a catalog, and with a partially dismantled parts car of the same right behind it.

Dodge Sweptline

A Dodge Sweptline is always more interesting than just another Ford or Chevy, even with a branch in the road (’twas a bright yet extremely gusty day!)

Chevy 1ton camper special

No, it’s not just the camera that makes the rear wheels look like they are protruding, this 1-ton Chevy C30 Silverado Camper Special is of the Regular Cab Dual Rear Wheel variety and likely gets the job done and then some.  Click to enlarge to see the variety of different mounting points that have been drilled for multiple mirror configurations over the decades.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS with Cragar mag wheels and Cooper Cobra Radial G/Ts for the complete package.  Somewhere nearby there is bound to be a sixer of Schlitz tall boys too.

This Deluxe has been parked around the corner of my first rental since as long as I can remember coming to Laramie, so well over a decade now.  I’ve taken photos of it at least three times and never written about it, it’s just not my era.  This however is the first time that it’s been in the sun and the rear tire had air in it.  I check to see if the registration is current every time I see it and it is (and was even with the ever-flat tire).  One day I may see it actually in motion.  Or perhaps not.

Volvo 240DL wagon

No grouping of cars is complete without at least one Volvo 240, here in the way it was intended.  Although if that’s true, then maybe the sedans should have had an even squarer rear roofline as the doors would have been optimized for the wagon shape and then adapted to the sedan instead of how it actually happened.  I suppose the universe is in fact imperfect.  But these will outlive us all.

Toyota Pickup

As might these, an early 1980s Toyota 4×4 Pickup, looking like a Stomper toy truck here.  I don’t care how cramped the cabin is, I kind of want one.

Jeep J-2000

Of course a Jeep J-2000 is also immensely appealing.  Another one I have multiple times in my archives; I started seeing it a few years back and it just keeps on truckin’.

Saab 900

While I’ll always hanker after a black on tan Saab 900 Turbo SPG, there’s somehow a lot to like about a beater 900 with a dented door and mismatched steelies and very damaged paint.  The perfect IDGAF-mobile and this one parks outside all day, every day, and twice as long on a cold winter’s day.  Yet I’m guessing it fires up every morning without fail and does its job.  And all of a sudden I want to wear a tweed jacket with elbow patches.

I led with this one and it is simply spectacular.  It does seem to live on the street, I’ve seen it over the last year in or about this same spot and I never cease to be amazed by how shiny it is kept.  It’s wonderful and is very hard to get pictures of without resulting in a fun-house mirror parody of the photographer.

Subaru Legacy

Laramie is a college town as you may or may not know (Go Pokes!) and this part of the neighborhood near the university dates to the 1930s and so you never really know if this is Grandma’s hand-me-down to a semi-starving student rooming with multiple other students or if this actually is still Grandma’s ride parked outside her house.  I once had one of these early Subaru Legacys as a week-long rental and it somehow seriously endeared itself to me, even though it was one of the slowest vehicles I can recall driving in that era and that was definitely not my thing at the time.

Porsche 944 S2

These two I hadn’t come across before, an interesting set of bookends comprising an early Porsche 944 with the 2.5liter inline-4 with eight valves and a far later 944 S2 with the 3liter version of the inline-4 sporting 16 valves.  It’s hard for me to accept that this wide-fendered version of the 924 body is now over 40 years old…

Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

If it’s got to end sometime, it might as well be with a Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser, no?  Now for me it’s time to go another block, park, and a quick vacuum before showing the place…Thanks for riding along!