Drive By Shootings: Part 1

I did something yesterday that I haven’t done in quite a few years now: hopped in my car to see what I could find, meaning cars. It’s not like I don’t have hundreds, probably thousands of shots that I’ve never gotten around to using; it’s the thrill of the hunt. I was a bit bored, and there’s been times lately where the number of cars that are worth shooting on our walks is diminishing. In a bit less than two hours, I stopped and shot 102 cars from the car. Drive by shootings, in other words.

I’m going to break them up into groups of 25, and maybe I’ll do more. Let’s start in order of how I found them, with this fine Dodge Conquest (Mitsubishi Starion).

Looks like a Duster to me.

The first of a number of Beetles.

Nissan Pulsar

Forlorn ’67 Fairlane.

The first of many Volvo 244s, most of which I didn’t stop for. Too much redundancy.

Neighbors who are both into cars. RX-7 and W126 MBZ.

VW buses, of course. T1 and T2 here.

First of several old Ford pickups.

Not a great find, but early Explorers are getting a bit scarce.

I stopped because of the art.

Former JDM 4×4 vans are popping up like mad. I saw several; shot this one.

Marginally worth the effort to stop.

That applies here too.

The first of a number of Previas.

This was directly across the street; a two-fer. But I didn’t shoot any more. And that applies to large numbers of ’90s and 00’s Japanese cars in general. I would never have been able to cover any ground.

But this Subaru was worthy.

As well as this LC.

Aha; an American CC at last: a LeBaron convertible.

And more Americans next door.

I recognize that 1946 Chevy pickup! I did a CC on it; “The Oldest Working DD Truck”.  Looks like it’s not working much anymore, as I haven’t seen it around in some years.

A shot from the front. And a Villager.

Even these are starting to diminish in numbers.

A Jeep Comanche truck hitched up to a trailer.