Drive By Shootings: Part 3

A sweet little gen1 Integra; now that’s worth a stop and shoot.

Here’s how it looked as I first approached it. Hard to believe it’s been 35 years since it graced us with its presence.

Someone repainted this old Nissan/Datsun.

Here’s a nice two-some from the ’90s; a CV for Dad to drive to work and an Odyssey for Mom to haul the kids. And they liked them so much they’re still driving them. Or something like that; or not.

A gen1 Kia Sportage. They seem hard to kill, because there’s a surprising number of them still around.

The inevitable diesel Rabbit. With some vintage company.

Old Chevy Step Van; early ’70s perhaps?

The final Metro, at least in the US.

A bright yellow Super Beetle.

One of the last Subaru Justy’s still in action.

This looks to be a FWD version. Too bad.

And another Beetle; a very flashy one in front of one of the many newer houses in town that often sprout up from the remains of where a modest little house once stood.

A Scout II. Oh, we’re firing on all our cylinders today.

One of many VW Vanagons (T3). The only reason I stopped for this one was because it’s got a For Sale sign in the window. Let’s back up and see…

Only $19k? What a bargain.

Another gen1 Prius in front of a rainbow Peace flag. A wee bit stereotypical.

That would be a Z car in the garage.

Aw shucks…I really liked these Accord coupes back in the day.Β  I didn’t stop for several sedans.

And a gen1 Mercury Sable, with those nice alloy wheels. Not many of these left around.

Somebody likes red cars.

The light on the Supra’s bumper is making it look bigger than it usually does.

A slightly battered but still running gen2 Accord.

And another Metro, 5 door this time.

A well-weathered W126 Mercedes.

Dodge pickup pointed skyward.

Another old CC from a decade ago. It looks slightly more weathered than it did a decade ago, but it’s aging gracefully.

No need to ID this one for you all.

That’s enough for today. See you in Part 4.